Is Eco friendly the future?


When you decide to decorate the house the very next thing you do is choose paint. Most of the time we go for the same make as we previously used – providing that we are happy with it. But maybe it’s worth to take a break and think about what paint you want to use. Nowadays eco friendly paints are more and more popular and not only because of reducing the carbon footprint they leave behind. If you are committed to using truly eco friendly paint and you actually do the research properly you will find that there are makes of paints that are as good as the solvent based ones.

Before deciding on the particular make we need to think what do we want – is it great colour, durability, low or no VOC or organic/natural pints? If you opt for durability and ability to wipe walls clean then lets be honest you need solvent-based paint as any paint that’s completely natural and eco friendly won’t hold as well as those with chemicals in it, having said that it still can be low in VOC so not so bad after all. It all depends on which paint you use.
If you want to paint kids bedroom and worry about VOC then opt for brands like Farrow & Ball as they meet Toy Safety Standards.

Now if you want ecologically friendly paint and don’t really worry about how long it will last you have a vast range of brands to choose from starting from Farrow & Ball, Auro, NaturePaint, Nuthell to selected ranges of Dulux and many more.

One thing you need to remember is that since 2010 following new EU rules and regulations all paint companies significantly reduced VOC levels in their paints and therefore some of them claim they are eco friendly. The truth is they are not! If they still contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) they are not eco friendly.

After all we need to realize that eco friendly paints are the future. Not only they reduce the smells thereof make the DIY experience more pleasant to us but they also reduce carbon footprint that we leave behind. Some paint companies go all the way on being eco friendly and distribute their paints as powder. After all almost 70% of emulsion paints is water so what’s the point in shipping that around the world? All you do is mix the paint with water at home.

One way of avoiding all the fuss is to make your decisions on paint wisely and consider all the options. Once you’ve done that find a good and reliable painter and decorator who is conscious of the environment and able to go trough all the pros and cons with you.

Sometimes we need to make hard decisions and compromises. If you have small kids and want to be closer to nature then opt for eco friendly paints, However if you rather your house withstand knocks and years of kids being kids try using low VOC paint that aren’t necessary solvent free as they will provide value for money.

Next time you think of redecorating why not try using London Paint Company. They have vast knowledge of eco friendly paints and different finishes they offer.
Over the years they’ve proved themselves to be reliable and consistent traders with many recommendations.

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Painting and Decorating Islington


Painting and Decorating Islington

So we’ve been asked to Decorate Chimney breast in Islington after the carpenter bouilt additional cupboard around it. In the above picture you can see the final result. All wooden shelves had 3 coats of paint – Dulux Undercoat followed by 2 coats of Dulux Brilliant White Satinwood plus on the new wood we added 2 coats of primer prior to undercoat. Walls were painted in Dulux Brilliant White Vinyl Matt. Because of the previous wall colour (as on the picture below) we needed to apply 3 coats of emulsion to all walls, but after all we think the resoult is nice.


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Transforming a House into a Home: Painting and Decorating.



Transforming your house into a home often takes as little as painting and decorating. A well-decorated space creates an ambience and gives your house the homey feel you desire. To achieve that you need a professional eye and set of skills that painters and decorators gain through years of experience.


After all DIY is a way of doing it but if you want to admire the results without spending time getting messy with the paint brush all you need to do is find the right painters and decorators.



London Paint Company has a dedicated team of experienced painters and decorators who work all around London transforming spaces into beautiful homes and offices.


Their professional team will take care of everything from helping you choose colour schemes and finishes through managing project all the way to the very end ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the works through out.


Choosing the right painters and decorators is vital to achieve the right look to your home. Experienced painters will not only follow your guide but also suggest any changes they think might be right for you.




When you are looking for painting and decorating company to take care of decorating your home you want a thoroughly qualified team that have passion for what they do and are reliable and well-organised team.  Finding right people will reduce the amount of stress you might experience having works done in your home.



London Paint Company provides team of painters and decorators who are adept at executing your ideas and are highly capable of suggesting professional advice.


They offer high quality workmanship and project management and their dedication to provide only high standard professional finish to all their jobs is worth admiring.



 Finding a good painting and decorating company on the Internet is easier then ever. Thanks to the advancement in technology you can not only read customer comments and opinions about given company but also view their previous projects and that way learn about the quality of their jobs and standards they follow. Once you are happy with your choice the only thing to do is contact your chosen painters and decorators.




To contact London Paint Company call 0207 871 3026 or visit the website at all you need to do is fill in the request form and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP – its that simple!


Painting and Decorating: Enhancing The Beauty of Your Home


So you’ve decided. Your house needs a lick of paint. Now before you choose a colour have a good think about areas in your house that you want to make the most of. Have you got a room that feels just too small even for an office? Is your hallway “tunnel like”? Have you got that one room where there just isn’t enough light?

We all have parts of our homes where we would like to change something but just don’t know how… Read along and you will find out just how to make the most of those parts of your house that you would rather forget they exist.

Create the illusion of more space.

No need for costly extensions and architects. Colour can be used to change the shape of the room. Of course we’re not saying the paint will magically move the walls but it will create the illusion of doing so and that’s all you need.

A darker colour will make the walls appear closer to you and the lighter colours make the walls appear to be further away.

Having said that don’t just go for all white. You can have a bit of fun with colours choosing “off white” colours and still keeping that room light and spacious.

Once you’ve painted it remember that less is more in small spaces, so don’t put too much furniture and your “box bedroom” will change into light and breezy office.

If you struggling with making your hallway less claustrophobic try painting the end wall a darker shade than the side walls – that will give it a look of space.

Make the most of little natural light.

In nearly every home you will find one room that just doesn’t benefit from much natural light, whether it’s a bathroom or an office. Suppress the urge to paint it eye-wateringly white to make it brighter. Instead of creating the hospital look go for warm darker colours or even bold patterned wallpapers. That way you will create more intimate atmosphere. Add a nice warm light and your undesired downstairs bathroom is the talk of the neighbourhood.

Create a flow through your home.

When you’re re-decorating your home you want to keep some sort of the scheme. Of course we are not saying keep all rooms the same colour. No, no, no! You do need some colour in your house so what we are suggesting is to choose colours that all have the same tonal weight. Its good to decorate floor by floor, so i.e. your ground floor hallway will be in Cornforth White and your first floor in Elephants Breath. (Farrow & Ball Paint Colours)

By using darker colours in a hallway you will make your rooms seem brighter.

Lastly if you are not afraid of change try painting walls light colours and woodwork darker. That way you will create light and space in your home, but only if you’re going for neutral scheme.

Quite simply by using darker colours on skirting your walls will appear lighter in contrast.

Finding the right people for the job.

Fancy rolling your sleeves up and painting the entire house yourselves?  Of course that is one way to do it, but if you really want your home to look great it’s best to get the professionals in. We’re not saying you couldn’t do it yourself but lets face it, re-decorating is a rather daunting DIY job. And another thing is that once you get the right painters and decorators in you will see how your home becomes the palace from your dreams. Its easy to simply paint the house, but to get that great finish you need the professional eye and the experience of someone who has been doing it for a while.

London Paint Company prides in having links to experiences painters and decorators.  Every project they undertake is treated with the same amount of care and attention to detail to ensure your dreams are turned to reality.

On top of great craftsmanship London Paint Company is happy to offer any advise on colours and finishes that you are not sure about.

So if you want your house become a home and your dreams a reality for any decorating job small or big go to or call on 0207 871 3026.

Also try looking on Farrow & Ball website for all their colours and finishes and you will be surprised just how many great ideas you will get.

And please don’t be afraid of colour! Remember it is your home so it should look the way you want it!!